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Sheffield Discus BreederWe have kept fish for more years than I care to remember, coldwater, tropicals and Koi. I cannot remember a time when we did not have either a fish tank or pond at home. A few years ago we purchased our first pair of Discus and managed to breed a few fry from this pair. This is when we really became interested in these beautiful and fascinating fish. There is no better sight than seeing a pair of Discus with a shoal of babies feeding from the parents. It still amazes me to this day to see and the care and attention the parents take looking after their fry.

We have a purpose built fish room, with 4 systems. System 1 for our smallest fish, around 1200 litres total, using HMA water and 10 tanks.  System 2 is our intermediate system, 1200 litres, sump filtered and has 12 tanks, again using HMA water. System 3 is similar to system 2, sump filtered, 800 litres and 8 tanks using HMA water. Finally system 4 is the largest grow on system, 1500 litres, sump filtered 12 tanks. All our  systems utilise HMA water, pH 7.2, TDS 220, GH6 and KH of 5.

People Choice award winner at the 2013 UKDC Discus Show

People Choice award winner at the 2013 UKDC Discus Show

Our purpose is to give people a choice of Discus, from juveniles through to large adults and occasionally breeding pairs.  I have had alot of help and advice over the years and initially was supported by other breeders and have many friends who are associated with the aquatic trade.  We offer a minimum of 12 strains at any one time and fish from 3” right through to 8”.

You are welcome to visit our fish house and breeding facility by appointment please. Please use the contact form to email or call us.

Look forwards to hearing from you soon.